Siragugal Center of Excellence offers a choice of pregnancy and parenting workshops facilitated by midwives skilled in childbirth education and women’s health.
Our pregnancy and parenting workshops are ideal for women and their support partners expecting their first baby. We also recommend these complete programs if there has been a significant gap between this pregnancy and your previous child.
The programs run as a weekend intensive course.
These workshops are designed to help prepare you for labour and parenthood.

Areas Covered may Encirclement

  • Coping strategies and relaxation skills
  • Safe exercises in pregnancy
  • Mind and Body relationship
  • Pregnancy time – Talk with Baby
  • the different stages of labour
  • Comfort techniques
  • Options for pain relief in labour (Yoga)
  • Induction of labour
  • the role of the support person
  • Caesarean section
  • Unexpected outcomes
  • a tour of the unit
  • Settling Techniques
  • the early days of parenthood
  • infant communication
  • infant and child safety
  • emotional changes after the birth of a baby.